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Our Goal

At Maidan Dental Clinic and Laboratory our goal is to meet the expectations of every patient who visits our dental clinic in Davao. We understand that feeling great about your smile is very important, and so is the professional, high quality treatment and service you receive, the empathy and understanding you sometimes need when you are in pain and/or distress.

Who we are

Dr. Marinel Tan - Gono, DMD established her dental clinic in Damosa, Davao City, Philippines in 2005, after being in private practice for more than fourteen years in Middle East. At Maidan Dental Clinic the emphasis is always on a friendly welcome, stylish comfort, ISO certified hygienic practices and the best of modern treatment methods.

Maidan Dental Clinic has a team of highly qualified dentists like Dr. Millan and Dr. Basman with specific expertise in braces, children’s dentistry, crown & bridge and root canal therapy. Supported by nursing and administration personnel staff, Maidan Dental Clnic offers the full range of dental care. The over all operations manager is Mr. Allan Gono a seasoned Dental technician who directly supervises the Dental Laboratory.

We provide routine preventive care to very complex treatments from very young children to adults. We help our clients achieve the smile they want – whether for health reasons, to enhance self-esteem or simply to look beautiful.

Your time and comfort is our priority.

How we started

Dr. Marinel Tan Gono established her dental clinic in Damosa Gateway, Davao City, after being in private practice for more than fouteen years in Kuwait City at the height of Desert Storm. Dr. Marinel Tan Gono and her husband Allan Gono pioneered the now reknowned Maidan Dental Cinic in Kuwait. Mr. Allan Gono, pioneering in his role as a dental technician spurred the growth of United Laboratories, a subsidiary of Maidan Clinic in Kuwait. This led to the success of the Clinic,to become a premiere Wellness provider in Kuwait. At the height of their medical careers abroad, the Gono family returned to the Philippines every year for holiday, always on the look out for a place where they could share thier vast experience and provide a future for their growing family.

Davao city, a place they love and cherish, bustling with Business Process Outsourcing and all kinds of economic activity, brought by the boom in Agriculture sector presented a promising site. In their brief holiday they realized that Davao City was in dire need of a world class Dental Wellness Center. They decided to invest and build a state-of-the-art Dental Wellness Center, befitting the discriminating standard of Davaoenos and local expat residents.   The following year Dr. Marinel Tan Gono braved her first forey as an entrepenuer, thousands of miles away from her partner and helpmate. With three school kids in tow, she sacrificed and persevered to build a dream. All their hard earned money was invested in the Dental Wellness Center. Mr.Gono returned to work in Kuwait to provide a safety net for the family, they forged on. With fervent prayers, hard work and a passion for Dental Wellness the couple battled on.

After spending 16 years in the Dental Industry abroad, Mr. Gono decided to focus on his family. He works with Dr. Marinel Tan Gono, side by side, day in and day out as the operations manager of the Maidan Clinic and Dental Laboratory. Their efforts richly rewarded by the freedom of being an entrepeneur, doing something they love and still be part of their childrens' formation.

Our Clinic

Our clinic are fitted with state-of-the-art and dental wellness facilities with on board camera to document before and after pictures of procedures performed on the clients. As a matter of standard operating procedure, all clients undergo dental X-ray. This stardard operating practice ensures that the clients are made aware of the current health of their teeth. Based on facts better options are now available to the clients. With the guidance of the Doctors the client may choose which procedure they prefer to under take.  Our staff are trained in the ISO protocol for sterilation of all instruments using AUTOCLAVE and Cold Sterilization technology, this is to ensure that infection through contaminated instruments are eliminated. We have a Zoom Advance bleaching machine which can turn your teeth into pearly whites in a matter of minutes.

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Who we are

Here at Maidan Dental Clinic, our goal is to meet the expectations of every patient who visits our dental clinic in Davao, Philippines.

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What we do

We help our clients achieve the smile they want – whether for health reasons, to enhance self-esteem or simply to look beautiful.

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